KCG Program and Team Support

Key analysis, consulting and program development subscription
  • Key market analysis, consulting and program development/support subscription framework (includes six units worth of flexible project work) :-
  • Larger Projects – paid for with multiple “Pick Six” units
    • AR Strategy Review sessions – 4 hrs – (2-3 units)
    • Executive/Spokesperson/Sales force custom training and education – up to 4 hrs –  (2-3 units)
    • KCG Benchmark Targeting Project (4 units)
    • Six-month KCG Research Impact Analysis – 12 analysts, 5 competitors (4 units)
  • “Pick Six” menu of small customized reports and research projects
    • An ever-evolving list of desk research projects, webinars and web-based sessions
    • Additional modules may be purchased for $10K per block of 4
    • Typical projects:
      • KCG Basic Interactor Training – 2 hour web-based workshop – up to 15 attendees
      • KCG Basic Sales Force Training – 2 hour web-based workshop – up to 50 attendees
      • KCG Peer Review strategy and best practices for AR – 2-hour session – custom deck
      • KCG Comparative Evaluations Benchmark (29) priority ranking and value scores
      • KCG Signature Research process best practices – 2-hour session with custom deck
      • KCG Contract Negotiation Support – up to three contracts analyzed
      • KCG Revenue Impact Analysis – custom model mapping revenue to analyst influence
      • KCG Analyst Single New Firm Profile and analysis – including MBC positioning
      • KCG Analyst Virtual Event best practices – 2-hour session with custom deck
      • KCG Analyst Reference strategy and best practices – 2-hour session – custom deck
      • KCG Annual custom market-based department competitive analysis with ARDS data
      • KCG Metrics review and set up – structure, competitors, frequency and analyst lists
      • KCG Connects Austin – 3-day package (Connects Plus)
      • KCG WWTA online training – 3 seat package
  • Program support year round
      • Unlimited KCG Partner level Inquiry – firms, challenges and questionsUnlimited access to KCG Firm Profile and Best Practices Content library
      • Bi-monthly members-only online meeting, access to recordings of all meetings and webinars
      • Most favorable pricing on all custom KCG projects
  • Low cost
    • $6K per quarter or $20K annually for teams <10
    • $8K per quarter or $30K annually for teams >10

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