KCG Connects Spring 2021

KCG Connects – Spring 2021 

100% virtual – April 19th to 21st

Agenda – sessions and times

With the continuing uncertainty of the Covid Pandemic and the vaccine timeline we have taken a precautionary stance on our April 2021 event.

We have engaged a professional AV production team to help us broadcast six live sessions over three days (with plenty of down time) and to produce a top quality library of recordings.

We are also working on a high quality Q&A interface to emulate the networking and interaction value of the physical event.

Existing 2021 event registrants will hear from us soon on their options but everyone is able to sign up right now – for just $999 for all three days

  • The 2020-21 Analyst Landscape Presentation and the first update to KCG’s all new T3 MBC Analyst Market Segmentation and Analysis – including “Alternatives to Gartner®” (ATG)
  • “One year in” – the new reality of AR in a post-Covid world
  • 2019 ARDS Headline Results – Latest data on AR Demographics, Salaries, Headcounts, Budgets, Analyst Engagement and Operations
  • AR 2026 – How your job will change over the next 5 years
  • Day-to-day AR – lessons Learned from the trenches – evaluations, references, peer reviews, etc.
  • Gartner® Products and Pricing overview, purchasing strategies and negotiation tips and tricks.

Any AR Practitioner that would like to “attend” live or access the content via recordings may sign up HERE – for a simple $999 virtual content fee.

KCG Essentials subscriber team members should contact us about using “Pick Six” units to attend.