Analyst Relations Program Audit – Free from KCG

A KCG Analyst Relations program audit is a structured free one hour conference call during which 8 facets of your AR program will be measured and compared to industry norms.

  • Your market and competitors, including competitive program "pressure" on AR
  • Your organizational structure and budget and how it supports AR
  • Your program alignment and targeting vs. the products you sell and the markets you target
  • Your balance of analyst relations vs. media and other influencers
  • Your spend with the analyst firms - balance of spend and amounts spent
  • Your analyst relations activity budget and time allocation
  • Your interactor team and their effectiveness
  • Extending your program to cover vertical markets and specific international geographies
  • Expect a multi point critique of how your program meets or falls short of industry standards.

Sample scorecard:

To sign up for a KCG AR Audit send an e-mail by clicking HERE.

Please specify:

  • Three dates and times you are available for at least 60 minutes
  • Your name
  • Your company and it's three main competitors
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number

We will respond within 24 hours with a time for your Audit.