What impact is your Analyst Relations program having?  To know, you need to put in place regular, structured metrics.

KCG can not only advise you about the right type of measurement but also help you design your program – assisting with analyst and competitors selection, frequency, weightings and overall design.

KCG Analyst Coverage Impact Analysis

  • Measures Research coverage volume and tone for specific analysts and vendor competitors
  • Based on an analyst/firm’s influence and the type of coverage (MQ vs. mention etc.)
  • What is the impact of each analyst on your market through their research?
  • KCG weighted CIA studies are the leading edge of metrics methodology.

KCG Analyst Exposure Coverage Metrics – Media and Social

  • How often do your key analysts get quoted about you and your competition in the media and on key tech blogs?
  • Is that media/blog coverage positive, negative or neutral?
  • What is the impact score of the media/blogs they are quoted in?

KCG Signature Research Impact Analysis

  • How are you doing in key research like Magic Quadrants, Wave and Marketscapes?
  • How is your dot moving versus key competitors?
  • What are the trends for individual reports and for your company and business units?KCG Syndicated Analyst Perception Audits (SAPAs)
  • How effectively do you service and resource your key analysts versus your major competitors?
  • How likely are your key analysts to recommend/short list you versus competition?

KCG Mean Analyst Perception (MAP) Scorecards

  • Based on SAPA data, how many analysts score you and your competitors and what is the average of all those scores

KCG AR Dashboards

  • Custom graphics, charts and analyses of metrics over time
  • Ready to circulate to “c” level executives


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