KCG Analyst Relations Products for Tech Buyers

Products/Services for End User Technology Buyers (ETBs)

KCG primary way of helping Technology Buyers is to advise on contract negotiation to maximize the value of their Industry Analyst Firm subscriptions.

Technology Buyers can also dramatically improve the value and insight they extract from their subscription to the analyst’s firm research into the decision making process.

Each technology purchasing decision should be supported by the input of the right analysts in the right way at the right time.


Are you paying the right price?

Contract review and negotiation advice and support – Gartner focused

KCG Contract Advice for CIOs


Are you using the advice they give you?

How to maximize the value of the advice you get and integrate into your processes.

KCG Process for CIOs


Are you connecting with the most valuable analysts?

Are you reading, talking to and listening to the relevant individual analysts and firms?

KCG Targeting for CIOs


Join us for a simple 30 minute webinar to find out more about how to save money and maximize the value of analyst’s advice.

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KCG is undertaking research into the use of Analyst Research in the buying pattern of larger companies – please take the survey HERE.