Improve the effectiveness of your AR program with KCG

The Knowledge Capital Group (KCG) - based in Austin TX -  has been helping the world’s leading Technology Vendors leverage AR & increase sales for over 20 years. More than 500 companies and 3,000 individuals have worked with KCG to increase positive research mentions and improve scores and positions in signature research. 

Our industry standard training/certification and our best-selling book on AR cement our position as THE globally recognized experts. In an analyst ecosystem now dominated by Gartner, significantly different strategies and tactics are becoming vital. KCG has the perspective to help our clients deploy them. Our KCG Essentials service is providing key support to many top vendor's AR efforts.

KCG Essentials clients include AWS, Blue Prism, Cisco, Citrix, Cloudflare, Cognizant, Deloitte, Dell/EMC, Experian, Forcepoint, IBM, Intel, McAfee, NetApp, Oracle, RSA, Samsung, SAP, ServiceNow, Stratasys, Teradata, Twilio, Verizon and Workday.


Free KCG White Papers

Analyst Relations White Papers – These free Executive level guides are perfect for refreshing your own expertise or for internal distribution to explain and win support for AR department objectives.


Free KCG AR Audit

Analyst Relations Program Audit – A KCG Analyst Relations program audit is a structured free one hour conference call during which 8 facets of your AR program will be measured and compared to industry norms.


Free KCG Webinars

Eight steps to great AR, Measuring AR Success and Selling the benefits of AR: PLEASE NOTE: KCG Webinars are generally NOT available to members of the analyst community or to employees of PR firms that are not KCG partners.


Influencing the Influencers

KCG Publications – KCG’s Industry Recognized Analyst Relations Methodology – In a book! “Influencing the Influencers” – Best Practices for Building Valuable Relationships with Technology Industry Analysts


Free KCG AR Clinic

Analyst Relations Clinic from KCG – A free half hour inquiry call with a KCG Partner to discuss any subject – a perfect way to “test” KCG’s expertise or to get a sense for exactly how we work



KCG AR Department Survey (ARDS) — The annual KCG survey of AR departments is published every year. Contrubutors get a free copy of the complete report and save $2,500