Working with Peer Review Sites

What are peer review sites? How do they work? Who are the key players?

What do they mean to AR professionals? How do they impact Tech Vendors? How do you work with them?

– As review sites like Gartner Peer Insights and its many competitors – including G2 (formerly G2 Crowd), Trust Radius and IT Central Station – have gained momentum over the last 12 months, there has been growing awareness among CMOs and AR professionals of the need to act – but the questions of what to do, and who is ultimately responsible, have been unclear.
– Here at KCG, working closely with our European partner Destrier AR, we have developed a clear picture of the market, the influence and the business models of the peer review sites (PRSs).
We offer two specific offerings, based on jointly-developed IP:
FOR AR PRACTITIONERS – KCG custom advice and strategy development. Delivered as part of an ongoing KCG Essentials subscription using one or more “Pick 3” units.
FOR CMOs – Destrier’s “CMO level” playbook, advice and strategy can be delivered as one of four levels of engagement with a master presentation, online delivery and varying levels of inquiry as it components. More information HERE.

The Playbook is available in four different size packages:

    • The Basic package, as a 140-slide deck and walk-through of the presentation
    • The Explorer package, which adds an essential database of facts and figures, and up to five dedicated inquiries
    • The Pioneer package, which adds a half-day workshop including walk-through presentation, Q&A and vendor-specific best practice advisory, plus an enhanced database detailing site-specific engagement info and policies
    • The Comprehensive package, which adds a walk-through of the presentation in addition to the half-day workshop and dedicated inquiries