KCG Analyst Contract Negotiation Support

Analyst firm services buying advice and contract negotiation support

Delivered by iterative contract review and conference call inquiry

Top down best practices methodology

  • Identify overall budget and verify allocation between firms based on KCG or internal targeting
  • Build specific list of services for all internal stakeholder’s requirements:
    -Outbound analyst relations for influence
    -Inbound analyst relations for research or market intelligence

Wide and deep contract experience

  • Over 150 contracts reviewed in an average year
  • Includes Gartner®, Forrester, IDC and most Point Players
  • Ranges from $25K to $7.4MM

Typical savings (estimates – do not include efficiency based savings)

  • Sub $100K contracts save 5-10%
  • $100K – $400K save 10-20%
  • $400K plus contracts save 15-25%

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