Improving the process of using Analyst advice for CIOs

Process – why it matters to be organized

  • The rationale for a consistent methodology.
  • Analyst value is based on an analyst’s experience with similar deployments in similar organizations.
  • Analyst involvement in the process is complex and multi stage.

KCG supplies a complete reusable template based process flow for integrating analyst input at all stages of the decision making process

  • What to buy?
  • Who to buy it from?
  • How much to pay for it?

KCG Process benefits

  • Brings maximum analyst value to bear on the decision
  • Reduces the chances of buying the “wrong thing”
  • Increases the speed of the decision making process
  • Gets better value for a subscription you’ve already paid for

KCG provides

  • Best practices template and workbook
  • Monthly web based client intake briefings

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