KCG has teamed with some of the most reliable, innovative, and well known service firms in the industry. These partnerships allow KCG to provide not just resources, contacts and content, but a joint commitment to provide excellence, integrity and ingenuity that help our customer’s overall success.

For more information about becoming a KCG Partner please contact Stephen England.

Strategic Partners

Harvard (formerly Sunesis) is a Strategic Partner of KCG based in London and focused on the UK, and is able to provide extended products and services to KCG’s worldwide client base. More info HERE

Destrier is a KCG Strategic Partner based in Munich and focused on mainland Europe and is able to provide training and other KCG Products. More details HERE.

Freelance Network

KCG is launching a partnership network with small specialty outsourced outreach suppliers and solo practitioners to help with key capacity issues:

  1. Small BU AR support
  2. Maternity leave and other coverage
  3. Events
  4. MQ and other CE submissions
  5. and more…

Watch this space for more information in Summer 2023

Key Partners

Founded in 2004 and backed by Polaris Growth Fund, ARInsights provides the market-leading SaaS platform for managing analyst relations (AR) programs. Our flagship solution, ARchitect, along with multiple complementary products, enables hundreds of leading companies to increase awareness and enhance knowledge-sharing with all the industry analysts that influence their business. ARInsights helps measurably improve the efficiency and productivity of AR professionals every day. For more information, visit

ARInsights is the only company with a proprietary database with research from 30+ firms (including Gartner,  Forrester, IDC, etc.) and up-to-date contact information for more than 10,000 analysts and other B2B influencers from over 1,000 firms. ARchitect, the company’s core product, includes a comprehensive database integrated with a purpose-built interaction management solution used to organize, plan, coordinate, track and measure success of analyst relationships. ARInsights has also expanded its product portfolio in recent years to include multiple complementary solutions. Premium Content helps customers easily monitor influencer research, blogs, and social media. Event Manager enables users to optimize analyst and spokesperson schedules during events. And the Analyst Portal provides a secure online environment where companies can share curated content and interact with analysts.