KCG Consulting and Advisory services

Whatever the problem, chances are KCG has seen it and solved it for clients before. Our best practices methodology and “play book” covers it all.

Strategy and Review

  • Bringing KCG expertise and market data to bear on your strategy
  • KCG strategist joins your team for half/full day sessions
  • In person (On Site) or via videoconference (On Screen)
  • All sessions include hard deliverable based follow up


KCG Advisory – Organization Review

  • Staffing, salaries, reporting, organization types, training, measurement, who does what?


KCG Advisory – Budget reviews

  • Budget vs. revenue, salaries vs. contracts, which firms to contract with, what to buy, how much to pay


KCG Advisory – Annual program review

  • Target analyst list review, alignment to business review, interaction volume and quality review, staffing, budgets, spend, metrics


KCG Advisory – General Support and Information

  • KCG Inquiry units for small ad hoc projects and problems


KCG Advisory inquiry units

  • Simple 30 minute verbal/e-mail inquiries – half unit
  • Up to one hour inquiry with short written follow up – one unit
  • All other inquiries – one unit per hour with estimates in advance


KCG Advisory – Issue resolution

  • MQ/Wave position, disputes with analysts/firms, executive intervention, analyst firm value, salaries, budgets and organizations


KCG Advisory – Presentation Review

  • Quick insightful reviews of analyst presentations by phone prior to tours or major launches, rapid turnaround, multiple iterations


KCG Advisory – Contract negotiation support

  • What to buy, product critiques and alternatives, negotiation strategy and market pricing information – quickly and concisely delivered


KCG Advisory Products are all available through a KCG ModulAR subscription

For details of KCG’s ModulAR program click HERE

For more details including pricing please contact KCG via e-mail HEREl