KCG Analyst Level Targeting for CIOs

How to identify and focus on the relevant analysts by building key research relationships based on deployment priorities. Simplify and align your firm roster and buy exactly the services you need.

How it works:

The analyst landscape

  • Which firms have the relevant client base – the right case histories?
  • Which analysts cover the technology you’re buying?
  • Which analysts know your business?
  • What is the analysts firm’s engagement model – written research, inquiry, consulting?

Complete targeting methodology

  • KCG researches 400+ firms, 2300+ analysts globally
  • KCG identifies every analyst covering your TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE
  • Recommended individual analysts list supplied in spreadsheet format

 KCG asset base

  • 2300+ analyst profile database
  • Unlimited access to 50+ analyst firm’s research
  • Includes all key verticals and Point Players
  • Over 500 Benchmark projects in 8 years

 Four stage process

  • Detailed client briefing on the technology deployment planned
  • Database search and “suspect” list production
  • In depth research scan & target list completion
  • Delivery call to client team


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