KCG MAP Scorecards

KCG’s MAP (Mean Analyst Perception) Scorecards cover 23 technology segments. Each segment has its own dedicated analyst target list and key vendor list.

See the complete KCG Segment list HERE

The total number of analysts giving us vendor scores is well over 300 per year with a typical response level of 20-40 in each segment. Each segment covers 30-50 vendors.

Each scorecard deliverable contains:

  • A list of the responding analysts by name
  • A list of all vendors and analysis on those receiving responses from 20% of the analysts or more
  • Overall score charts as sortable spreadsheets
  • Individual charts with commentary
  • Seven program effectiveness metrics
    *Interaction frequency
    *Reference quality
    *Messaging & positioning communication
    *Access to management
    *Reactive or proactive?
    *Overall program effectiveness
  • Three short listing metrics
    *Have you short listed this vendor in the last 3 months? – Number
    *Likelihood you would short list this vendor now? – Average
    *Short listing vendor more/less than 12 months ago? – %age +/-

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