KCG Analyst Relations Practitioner Training (Online)

KCG’s “Working with the Analysts” training and certification program is now completely updated with KCG’s 2022 IP and methodology

The fundamentals course leads to the award of the industry recognized and career enhancing “Certified Industry Analyst Relations Professional” qualification.CIARP

Best practice based methodology for team leaders and members — both novice and experienced. Recognized and used by the world’s largest and best AR teams

  • 20 10-15 minute minute self paced recorded course units
  • Delivered by KCG CEO and former Gartner analyst Bill Hopkins
  • Soft copy course workbook
  • Mandatory Q&A session online (available at least once a month)
  • Online test
  • Certificate upon successful completion
  • Total cost $995
  • Register online HERE

Complete curriculum

1.Welcome and Who Are We?
2.What is Analyst Relations?
3.Analyst Archetypes
4.Who Are the Analysts?
5.Working With: Buyer Advisors
6.Working With: Point Players
7.Working With: Asset Creators and Amplifiers
8.Working With: Mindshare Mercenaries
9.Working With: Peer Reviews
10.The Basics of Analyst Engagement – Fundamental Philosophy Behind World-class AR
11.Analyst Asset Management
12.Taking Inbound Requests – Do I Really Need To…?
• Eight Steps to World Class Analyst Relations
13.   1.) Establish Your Covering Fire
14.   2.) Target the Right Analysts
15.   3.) Which Ones Do I pay and How Much Should I Pay Them?
16.   4.) Build an Analyst Contact Strategy and Plan
17.   5.) Identify and Develop Great Spokespeople
18.   6.) Build Great Analyst Presentations and Develop Killer References
19.   7.) Link AR to the Rest Of Your Organization
20.   8.) Demonstrate Value and Measure your success