KCG Working with Peer Review Sites

Struggling to deal with Peer Review Sites? Strategy and advice for AR teams AND CMOs What are peer review sites? How do they work? Who are the key players? What do they mean to AR pros? How do they impact Tech Vendors? How do you work with them?


Analyst Relations and The Experts – KCG Essentials

Over 25 leading Technology Vendors including are already using this program with great success. Including consulting time, custom research and unlimited inquiry and content access – the program is low cost and high impact – whatever your size team and budget.

AWS, Blue Prism, BMC, Cisco, Citrix, Cloudflare, Cognizant, Deloitte, Dell/EMC, Experian, Forcepoint, IBM, Intel, McAfee, NetApp, Oracle, RSA, Samsung, ServiceNow, SAP, Stratasys, Teradata, Twilio, Verizon and Workday

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