KCG Analyst Choice Awards 2017

May 11th 2017 – Austin TX

KCG announces the winners of the 2017 Analyst Choice Awards

At our KCG Connects event in Austin, TX in April, KCG announced the winners of this year’s Analyst Choice Awards – based entirely on votes cast by analysts themselves.

During the KCG Syndicated Perception Audit almost 200 analysts (including a significant proportion from Gartner) organized by coverage category rated their covered vendor’s AR programs on five key effectiveness scores:

The analysts themselves scored the AR programs of vendors in their categories and sub categories on the following five Analyst Relations Effectiveness scores, which are then averaged for the calculation of an overall Analyst Relations Effectiveness Index (AREI). The winners are those programs with the highest AREI scores. Vendors needed to receive scores from 50% of the responding analysts or more to be included in the awards rankings:

–  Access to Executives

                        –  Quality and Availability of References

                        –  Efficacy of Communications

                        –  Responsiveness

                        –  Overall effectiveness

Certificates and trophies were presented to those present at an awards dinner during KCG Connects, the remainder are being distributed by Priority Mail.

The full list of winners and finalists is posted below.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for standing out from the crowd.

Press release and winners HERE