KCG Custom Analyst Perception Audits (CAPA)

Independent, interview based competitive analyst feedback from a private Custom Perception Audit

  • Guaranteed usable results and advice
    • Up to 50 analysts on your prospect list
    • Results on all analysts that respond
    • Compares you to up to five competing vendors
    • Custom survey –limited use of messaging/positioning questions
  • Analyst firm approved, industry standard methodology
    • Process approved by senior management of all the major firms
    • Project includes questionnaire design and approval by firms involved
  • Simple process
    • Client briefing on analysts, vendors and questions
    • KCG takes care of all approvals and data gathering –approx. 90 days
    • KCG delivers a full Power Point report by web or face –to –face (client pays T&E)
    • Every report comes with conclusions, best practice and specific advisory backup

Program Effectiveness Metrics (PEMs) are reported overall (with range) and by firm and include:

  • Interaction frequency
  • Responsiveness
  • Reference quality
  • Messaging & positioning communication
  • Access to management
  • Reactive or proactive?
  • Overall program effectiveness

Shortlisting Likelihood Scores (SLSs) are reported with range, by firm and as anonymous analyst level data – in three timeframes:

  • Have you short listed this vendor in the last 3 months? – Yes/No
  • Likelihood you would short list this vendor now? – Scale
  • Are you short listing vendor more/less than 12 months ago? – Scale

For more details including pricing please contact KCG via e-mail HERE