KCG Essentials and ServiceNow

As an AR leader, I find KCG’s advice and community of AR pros a terrific resource to ensure we’re building the most effective AR strategy for our business.  ServiceNow gets significant value from KCG’s knowledge about the analyst firms, contracting, AR best practices and more.

KCG Interactor Training

Educating your spokespeople about how the AR game should be played, what analysts want from vendors and how to prove business value is KEY in today’s noisy competitive landscape.

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KCG Essentials & VMware

KCG has been there from the beginning of many AR careers. They help answer the tough questions and get to the bottom of things quickly. They bring together analyst firms and vendors for more impactful relationships. Through KCG Essentials, they encourage education and collaboration across all Analyst Relations Professionals to help each other solve problems and address challenges. They know the industry inside and out. Above all, they are honest and fun to work with! KCG Essentials: A must for AR programs of all shapes and sizes!

KCG Analyst Relations Practitioner Training

The industry recognized “Working with the Analysts” training workshops and certification. Brand new for 2022

Our program includes twenty 10 minute recorded sessions – with online testing leading to the industry recognized “Certified Industry Analyst Relations Professional” qualification. Just $999 per person.

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KCG Essentials and SAP

KCG has been such a valued partner, helping us navigate through the ever-changing analyst landscape. Their enterprise type of agreement allows 24×7 availability to our entire AR team, as well as our executives. Their spokesperson training and basic education for our executives about how to best engage with the various firms has been invaluable well beyond just our AR team.

Need help deciphering Gartner®’s offerings?

KCG has helped our clients decipher dozens of Gartner® contracts in the last 12 months – ranging from $80K to over $20MM. We know what AR teams are buying, what is working and exactly how much they are paying. Optimize your spend with KCG.

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KCG Essentials & Verizon

‘Trusted advisor’ may be an overused term, but there’s no better descriptor for KCG.  We’ve relied on them for years – from the early days of helping us retool what was then our next-gen AR practice, to today’s environment that’s become more complex than ever. Bill and Stephen are seasoned experts in our field.  Their counsel helps to keep us sharp, informed and equipped to successfully engage with our industry’s leading analyst firms.

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KCG Essentials & IBM

KCG Essentials is a valuable resource for AR leaders and practitioners.  Whether you are building, re-building, or optimizing an established AR program, KCG’s experience and expertise will guide you to a better outcome.  The frameworks and advice KCG provides help to bring clarity to AR teams and business stakeholders within your company.  KCG has their finger on the pulse of the industry analyst and AR communities, they know what is proven to work, how the AR profession is changing and help their clients navigate change in real-time. The flexibility of the KCG Essentials subscription allows my team to engage in the optimal way.

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KCG Working with Peer Review Sites

Struggling to deal with Peer Review Sites? Strategy and advice for AR teams AND CMOs – What are peer review sites? How do they work? Who are the key players? What do they mean to AR pros? How do they impact Tech Vendors? How do you work with them?